The DS2.0 is the second in a new range of Class D amplifier modules. The state-of-the-art UcD design ensures a very low output impedance resulting in an even better control of your subwoofer.

It is advisable to place the amplifier in an airtight compartment.


Technical Specifications
Power output   175W into 4 Ohms
100W into 8 Ohms
Subsonic filter   12Hz/-3dB, 24dB/Oct
Crossover subwoofer   30Hz - 120Hz, 18dB/Oct
Bassboost frequency   50Hz - 120Hz
Bassboost level   0dB - +6dB
Damping factor   >600
Input Impedance   10 kOhm RCA
    1 kOhm High Power in 
features   ● Class D UcD design
    ● shortcut protection
Dimensions   190mm x 220mm x 60mm
Weight   2,5 kg
Warranty   1 year